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Application Template

Post by Zemai on Wed Jul 01, 2015 2:07 am

Make sure you take your time and do not lie about anything on your application. The more effort put into the application, the more likely you will be accepted!

To join nWo, make a new thread on this forum titled "(Your Name) Application #(Join Attempt #). Then copy and past the following template and fill it out.

1. Wordpress Username:

2. Plazmaburst2 Username:

3. Alternative Accounts:

4. # Of Kills:

5. # Of Deaths:

6. Preferred Server:

7. Preferred Weapon & Map:

8. Current Clans:

9. Previous Clans:

10. Why Join nWo & What Can You Offer Us:

Your application should be reviewed within 3-4 days of it being posted on the forum.

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Post by 8695hjkl on Mon Jul 13, 2015 5:35 am

This topic need to be locked!


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